Custom Furniture - Coffee Tables, Tables, Beds, Built Ins and More

Custom Wood Furniture
Handmade Hutches, Tables and more

Custom Furniture for Oregon and WashingtonThere's nothing quite like a piece of handmade custom furniture, designed from your unique vision and crafted to last for generations.

Master craftsman Warren Tilley of Wood-N-Things comes from a long line of woodworking artisans, and has built custom furniture including coffee tables, tables, beds, hutches, built ins and more for clients throughout Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Warren's meticulous attention to detail, from the selection of quality lumber to the hardware and finishes, sets Wood-N-Things apart from other custom furniture makers. Warren doesn't mass produce, so your project will have the personal attention of a master craftsman, from start to finish.

Whether you're looking to finally treat yourself to that one-of-a-kind desk or bed, or looking to add handmade furniture and custom cabinetry in several rooms in your home, Wood-N-Things is the only call to make if you're looking for an end product that will last a lifetime and be a thing of beauty forever.

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